Lauren  Rooney


Lauren Rooney is a British multi-media creator, Lauren's passion for life revolves around still and movement imagery specifically in the nature of humanitarian and investigatory work. 


The love for imagery started as a source of therapy for Lauren after her fathers death; "Photography as my catharsis was not clear at first. My relationship with photography coincided with my rollercoaster of emotions... I can associate the beginning of grieving like my first experience trying to get my film on the processing roll. I would scream in the pitch black, I would drop my film, scratch my film, it was incredibly aggravating. But I kept on trying until finally I could see those rectangular, adequately-exposed shots on the 35mm film." -


Lauren's work often comments upon the dismissive actions caused by the ontology of death, how different societies interact and deal with the notion of death. In turn working on series in India, Nepal and Iraq which focus on presenting death and life as intertwining entities. 


Also a self confessed camera nerd, starting out on an old 35mm her love for traditional film has not faded. She still shoots, processes, develops and prints  regularly on traditional format including 5x4, 120mm and 35mm. None the less she does not lack in the technology department, owning two Canon and 1 Sony body but frequently shot on Fuji and Hasselblad. As well as Recent experience in 360 and drone imagery.   


Masters in Journalism- Edinburgh

Bachelors of Arts with First Class Honours in Photography- London


Renaissance Photography Awards 2016: Series Best Runner up

Scholarship awarded by University of West London


Published work:

Univision TV:2017

Miami New Times: 2017


SURGE Magazine SS17

HOTSHOE Magazine AW16

Edge of Humanity Magazine S16

Itchy Silk: 2017

Funeral Director Monthly AW14



Renaissance Photography awards Exhibition 2016, The Getty Images Gallery London. 

The Affordable Photography Degree show June 2015

The Absence of Presence- Gallery on the Corner 2014








Lauren Rooney | | 07718593322